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Life is ever-evolving, and so is every Holotropic Breathwork session. Each visit offers fresh perspectives, making the journey as unique as you are. With roots in diverse global traditions, we at HOLOS BREATHWORK provide a safe space for all to explore and grow.

Are you ready to delve into a new dimension of self-understanding? Join us, breathe deeper, and embark on a transformative experience.

What to Expect

1. Preparation – The Gateway to Transformation

  • Every major shift in understanding or perspective begins with preparation. This isn’t about reading a manual or following a set list of guidelines. Instead, it’s about readying oneself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to venture into the expanse of your inner landscape.
  • Our workshops prioritize this stage, recognizing that the quality of the journey ahead often depends on the depth of one’s readiness. We facilitate sessions that assist participants in clarifying their goals and developing the necessary mindset to venture into new territories of their psyche.

2. Experience – Venturing Beyond Known Boundaries

  • Holotropic Breathwork is not just about relaxing and taking deep breaths. It’s about unearthing layers of consciousness that often remain buried beneath the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From somatic sensations that tie back to our bodily experiences, to personal memories that define our personal histories, and even to deeply spiritual or mystical experiences—Holotropic Breathwork can be a revelation.
  • Terms such as ‘perinatal’ and ‘transpersonal’ might initially sound abstract. Yet, they represent profound areas of human consciousness. ‘Perinatal’ delves into experiences tied to birth, while ‘transpersonal’ extends beyond personal boundaries, touching upon universal or collective memories and spiritual dimensions. While our workshops do not require a prior understanding of these concepts, they do promise a lived experience of them.

3. Integration – Reflect, Understand, Evolve

  • One does not simply walk away from a deep, transformative experience without changes. The return from these altered states brings with it a trove of insights, revelations, and sometimes even questions. The integration phase is about making sense of these experiences, weaving them into the fabric of one’s life.

  • “Who am I now?” is a question we often hear. And rightfully so. Participants find themselves changed, their perspectives shifted, their values redefined, and their understanding of themselves and the world deepened. Our workshops offer guidance during this reflective phase, ensuring everyone can assimilate their experiences in meaningful ways.

Your Journey with Us

1. Pre-workshop 2-hour Virtual Prep

Virtual guided session to set intentions and understand the process.

Access to online preparation materials: Handouts, presentations, and videos.

2a. Holotropic Breathwork 1-day Workshop

Guided Holotropic Breathwork session.
– Personalized support from trained facilitators.
– Snacks and refreshments during breaks.
– Workshop materials: Mats, pillows, and music.

2b. Holotropic Breathwork 2-day Weekend Workshop

Extended guided Holotropic Breathwork sessions over two days.
– Personalized support from trained facilitators throughout.
– Snacks and refreshments during breaks.
– Workshop materials: Mats, pillows, and music.

3. Post-workshop 2-hour Virtual Aftercare and Review

Virtual session to process and integrate experiences.

Access to follow-up materials: Reflection journals, feedback forms, etc.

Personalized support from facilitator.

4. Join Holos Online Community Monthly Subscription

(Coming Soon)

Priority access to spots in upcoming classes before public advertisement.

Virtual meeting place for live chat and discussions with past participants.