Integration: Beyond the Boundaries

CATEGORY: Workshops

Wednesdays, Oct 11 – Dec 13, 2023 – An Experiential Approach to Healing

Continue your Journey to Wholeness with a Guided & In-depth Group Exploration & Integration Circle

Join us as we work in a variety of modalities to integrate your non-ordinary experiences and therapeutic enquires and breakthroughs. Integration is the process of taking wisdom that arises in your healing journey and bringing it into your daily life. Integrating an insight is an important aspect of healing work and can be a supportive companion to a non-ordinary journey and traditional individual therapy. Group work and integration can mean the difference between a transformational experience and a memory of some interesting thing that happened one day!

Come and explore with us in a supportive and safe environment as we integrate deep experiences and discover deeper questions that lead to awareness and understanding. We will use group work, introspective practices, right-brained creative techniques, and tools from both Western Counseling and the Western Mystery Teachings to gain deep understandings into our psyche’s.

You will harness the wisdom gleaned from your journey, individual therapy sessions, and life experiences, and assist you as you begin to weave it into your daily life for your growth and transformation. You will build new connections and foundations in the body and mind, and embrace newfound insights that will recalibrate your perspective and connect you to a like-minded community!

We will use tools and techniques to continue exploring new insights and work with the messages, images, or other understandings on a deep level, giving them space to continue unfolding over time and space.

Some of these are:

  • Oct 18 – Collage – working with Images
  • Oct 25 – C reative Contemplation
  • Nov 01 – Working with Tarot
  • Nov 08 – Work with Images from your Dreams
  • Nov 15 – Aromatherapy
  • Nov 22 – Somatic Work
  • Nov 29 – Sound Healing
  • Dec 06 – Meditation
  • Dec 13 – Closing Circle & Review

Your Integration Process May Include:

  • Connecting to your innate feeling of love and joy
  • Connecting to your inner wisdom
  • Getting support for challenges
  • Moving towards a healthier and more holistic way of life
  • Learning tools and techniques that fit your belief system and learning style to best help you process your experiences
  • Exploring your own “language” of spirituality
  • Finding personal meaning
  • Learning to express and enhance your authentic voice
  • Putting your insights into practical action steps
  • Finding ways to understand your experiences and use them to fuel changes in your life
  • Learning to ask for help from others and to also offer support

Wednesdays, Oct 11 to Dec 13, 2023

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Healing Connections Wellness Centre – Community Room
10548 115 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3K6

Your Facilitators:
Wendy Myshak — Certified Transpersonal Counselor & Grof Breathwork Facilitator – Apprentice RTC, CT
Jack Bowering — Certified Grof Breathwork Facilitator & Craniosacral Therapist
Deanna Clarke — Certified Transpersonal Counselor CCAC, RTC

$39.99/session* drop-in OR $275 for all 9 sessions

Email to register and find out more information.

*Pease do not let cost be a barrier to your attendance; we can work with you to discuss various affordability strategies.


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